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Staff Member Name
Beatty, Shyanne
NV1 Network Manager
Cleland, Larry
Director of Corporate Support
Daves-Moses, Nola
Station Relations Rep
Dixon, Loren 
Director of Programming and Operations
Estus, Joaqlin
KNBA News Director
Gatewood, Tara
NAC Interim Host/Producer
Gonzales, Antonia
Producer & Anchor of National Native News
Gustavus, Sarah
Exec Producer/Manager National Programs
Hector, Cynthia
Office Manager
Kie, William
NAC Associate Producer
Lawton, Thea
Senior Resource Development Specialist
Preston, Danny
KNBA On Air Host / Music Director
Sallee, Jaclyn
Sather, Charles
Chief Engineer
Schatz, Carol
Chief Operating Officer
Strader, John
Production Engineer-National
KNBA Volunteer On-Air Hosts
Jim Stratton Arctic Cactus Hour
Eric Smith Arctic Cactus Hour
Monica Lettner Blues & Beyond
Matt Rafferty Borealis Bluegrass Breakdown
Jeremiah Millen Borealis Bluegrass Breakdown
Martsy Sammartino Classic Soul
DJ Rico Classic Soul
Marvel Johnson Classic Soul
Reggie Ward Friday Night Mix
Cousin Ash Friday Night Mix
Nina George Gospel
Junior Heavy Set Radio
Mao Tosi Heavy Set Radio
Saitia Heavy Set Radio
Kaleo Island Style
Honey Girl Island Style
Luta Island Style
Mr. Prince Reggae Mix
Steve Heimel The Truck Stop
Larry Shindel The Truck Stop
Laurence Blakely World Voices


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