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Koahnic Broadcast Corporation (KBC) is a nonprofit, Alaska Native governed and operated media center located in Anchorage, Alaska.

"Koahnic" is an Athabascan word in the Ahtna dialect meaning "live air".

Mission Statement

Core Purpose & Values

Board of Directors

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Community Advisory Board



The mission of Koahnic Broadcast Corporation is to be the leader in bringing Native voices to Alaska and the nation.

KBC pursues its mission through operation of three projects:

National Programming, a selection of radio programming that is broadcast by public and tribal radio stations across the country. KBC's national programming includes National Native News, Native America Calling, Earthsongs, Stories of Our People, and Native Word of the Day.

KNBA 90.3 FM, the first Native radio station located in an urban market.


Core Purpose: Broadcast Native Voice

Core Values: Educate, Advocate, Celebrate, Carry the Messages of Native/non-Native Voices

Board of Directors (4/2012 updated)

Koahnic Broadcast Corporation is governed by a board of directors representing leaders in the Alaska Native and business communities.

Board members are:

  • Kathy Mayo,(Chair) Program Analyst, Office of Pipeline Monitoring
  • Lisa Nason, (Vice Chair)
  • Rod Worl, (Secretary) Chief Executive Officer, The Eyak Corporation
  • Ricardo Lopez, (Treasurer) Program Officer, The CIRI Foundation
  • Ethan Schutt, Sr. Vice President-Land and Energy, CIRI
  • Cindy Bailey, Director Regional Government & Community Affairs at BP
  • Jimmy Stotts, President, Inuit Circumpolar Commission


Community Advisory Board

Join the KNBA Community Advisory Board

The KNBA Community Advisory Board (CAB) is looking for new members! The primary role of a KNBA CAB member is to be an ambassador for the radio station in the community; to engage the public and bring community feedback to the regular CAB meetings. To advise KNBA and parent company Koahnic Broadcast Corporation as to if the station is 'reaching' the target audience's ears, hearts and minds and achieving the goal to be brining Alaska Native news, voices and issues to the airwaves in South Central Alaska.

If you would like to be considered, send a letter or email of interest to the KNBA Community Advisory Board c/o Loren Dixon, 3600 San Jeronimo Dr., suite 480, Anchorage, AK 99508, or send the e-mail to ldixon@knba.org. There is no formal application, but the information you send should include:

  • What you listen for and enjoy on 90.3fm KNBA.
  • A brief explanation why you would like to serve on the KNBA Community Advisory Board.
  • Other Community Interests and Involvement
  • Other Board Memberships

Don’t forget contact information.

KNBA CAB Members Activity

The primary role of a KNBA CAB member is to be an ambassador for the radio station in the community; to engage the public and bring community feedback to the regular CAB meetings.  To review the stations issues and program goals with the intent to advise KNBA and parent company Koahnic Broadcast Corporation as to if the station is ‘reaching’ the target audience’s ears, hearts and minds. (Is the target audience aware, are they loyal, are they engaged). 

KNBA CAB Members  (3/10/2011 updated)

  • Inez Webb, Bristol Bay Native Corp.
  • Dennis McMillian, Foraker Group
  • Russell Pounds, Pacific Rim Media
  • Jason “Ayak” Evans, Financial, Inc.
  • Sue Gamache

KNBA CAB Structure and Selection Process

The KNBA Community Advisory Board consists of 12 members. Sitting CAB members select a CAB chair that is responsible for representing the Community Advisory Board at Koahnic Broadcast Corporation meetings, opens and closes CAB meetings and leads discussions. KNBA Program Director manages meeting announcements, communications and station reports.  CAB members that consistently miss meetings may be dismissed and replaced as per the CAB chairs direction. CAB members serve a 3 year term after which they are approved for continued service or released to offer space to new community members. Any person in the community may request participation on the CAB by using the self-nomination process found on-line at knba.org. Sitting CAB members review nomination requests as seats become available. The CAB chair takes nominee/s and submits to the Koahnic Broadcast Corporation Board of Directors for final approval.

What is a CAB?

A CAB is a board established to review the programming goals established by a station, the service provided by a station, and the significant policy decisions rendered by a CPB (Corporation for Public Broadcasting) funded public broadcast station, and to advise the station on how it serves the educational and cultural needs of its coverage area.  A CAB may not exercise control over the daily management or operation of the station.


The Communications Act leaves to the discretion of individual stations as to the number of members, criteria for approval, number of meetings and options of actionable activities.  The Communications Act requires a CAB to be established; meet regularly; that CAB members regularly attend meetings; and that the CAB be reasonably representative of the diverse needs and interests of the communities served by the station.  Meetings are required to be open, preceded by reasonable notice to the public.


Meetings are held bi-annually at KNBA (3600 San Jeronimo Dr., suite 480 Anchorage AK 99508). CAB meetings are open to the public. Announcements of the meetings are made on air and on line prior to the meetings.


If you’d like to find out more about the KNBA CAB — membership, officers, meetings, etc. — send e-mail to feedback@knba.org


Broadcast and Cable Initial Election Statement




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